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Heel pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our office.  The medical term for heel pain is called Plantar Fasciitis.  This is due to the fact that pain at the bottom of the heel is caused by over stress and inflammation of the Plantar fascia tissue.  


Other causes of heel pain can be due to improper shoes, harsh work conditions and surfaces, too much time spent on one’s feet, and being overweight.  Some of these things are more controllable than others, so when looking for solutions, start with shoes.  Many times the best fitted and quality shoes will still not offer needed support due to the different structure of each individual foot.  This is where being fitted for a custom orthotic can be helpful.  Dr. Applegate can also help advise you on shoe brands that are better for your feet than others.  


For many people, working on harsh surfaces like concrete is unavoidable.   If you are in this situation, and if possible, get a mat to stand on if you typically stand in the same spot.  And again make sure that you are wearing a supportive shoe as one needs the combination of cushion and proper support.  


Being overweight can negatively affect the foot in that when we hit our foot on the ground while walking, we hit it with 2 to 5 times our body weight.  If you are even just 10 pounds overweight that can equate to 20 pounds extra weight that your foot is carrying each day.  


If you are having heel pain there is no need for you to suffer any longer.  Consider scheduling an appointment at Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists. We are conveniently located adjacent to the La Centerra outdoor shopping center across from Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy area of west Houston. We have convenient hours to accommodate a variety of schedules and offer same day appointments for those with pressing needs.