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Gout attacks can be very painful.  When uric acid accumulates in the tissues of joints and crystallizes this is what causes a flare up.  The most common occurrence is in the big toe joint.  The big toe is the coolest part in the body and uric acid is sensitive to temperature changes.  


Watch what you eat and drink during the holidays.  Many of us overindulge is certain foods and beverages this time of year which can cause Gout attacks.  Foods that are high in purines can contribute to uric acid build up.  These food items include: shellfish, organ meats, red meats, red wine, and beer.


Gout can be treated with medications, changes in diet, increasing consumption of appropriate fluids, and immobilizing the foot.  In severe instances surgery may be required in order to remove the uric acid crystals and repair the joint.  


If you have been living with Gout, consider scheduling an appointment at Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists. We are conveniently located adjacent to the La Centerra outdoor shopping center across from Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy area of west Houston. We have convenient hours to accommodate a variety of schedules and can offer same day appointments in most instances for those with pressing needs.