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Many school aged children can come home with plantar warts.  Children will often complain that it feels like they are stepping on a small stone.  Plantar Warts can be very painful for your child and hurt much worse than regular warts.  They show up on the bottom of your kids feet, are the size of a pea, and can have a cauliflower shape to them.  It is also not uncommon for them to sprout black veins in the middle.  Plantar Warts are contagious and affect up to 20% of school aged children.


Plantar Warts are viral in nature and are transferred by surface contact.  It is easy for the virus to get into the skin via cuts, scrapes, or when the skin is wet and softened after long swims or bathing.  Children can also contract the virus by being barefoot on playgrounds where other kids with the virus have been.  Plantar Warts can also occur in adults, but children with less developed immune systems, and older adults with weaker immune systems are more susceptible.  


Plantar Warts can go away on their own after 1-2 years but there is no reason for you, your child, or older parent, to suffer.  David Applegate, DPM, can easily take care of Plantar Warts in his Cinco Ranch office.  


If you suspect that your child may be suffering from a Plantar Wart, consider scheduling an appointment at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists. We are conveniently located adjacent to the La Centerra outdoor shopping center across from Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy area of west Houston. We have convenient hours to accommodate a variety of schedules and can offer same day appointments most of the time for those with pressing needs.