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Ankle Instability can result from multiple ankle sprains.  When one does not get proper treatment for an ankle sprain upon the initial injury, this can worsen and in time lead to ankle instability.  Mechanical instability in the ankle occurs when ligaments become overstretched or torn causing a regrowth that is too loose.


A conservative treatment of ankle instability includes physical therapy.  Not treating ankle instability can lead to more serious complications that will not resolve with physical therapy.  Orthotics, stiff soled shoes, and lateral heel wedges can prevent the complications of returning ankle instability.  


If the joint remains unstable surgery may be considered in order to shorten and tighten the ankle ligaments.  David Applegate, DPM can decide which treatment option is best for you.  With a patient podiatrist your sprained ankles can become stable again!


If you suspect that you may be suffering from ankle instability, consider scheduling an appointment at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists. We are conveniently located adjacent to the La Centerra outdoor shopping center across from Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy area of west Houston. We have convenient hours to accommodate a variety of schedules and can offer same day appointments most of the time for those with pressing needs.