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The Achilles Tendon connects your calf muscle to your foot via your heel bone.  Achilles Tendon injuries come in different grades with Grade I indicative of a mild strain, Grade II indicating a moderate strain, and Grade III indicative of a complete rupture.  


Achilles Tendinopathy can be elicited via several various factors including: overuse of the area, traumatic injury, poor foot biomechanics, sudden changes in sports or training programs, improper footwear, or calf weakness.


The most common cause of these is overuse.  Repetitive strain can cause a breakdown in the tissue.  This is more commonly referred to as tendonitis. In a grade I or II strain, it can feel like moderate stiffness in the back of the heel.  One also may experience swelling or a small lump, and tightness into the calf muscles. In a grade III rupture, this will require surgery or immobilization of the area in a boot, or cast.  


With early and appropriate treatment Achilles issues can usually be resolved within 8-16 weeks.  Problems that are more chronic in nature may take up to six months to resolve. In some cases something as simple as orthotics can help the issue.  


If you suspect that you may be suffering from ankle Achilles Tendon Pain, consider scheduling an appointment at Texas Foot & Ankle Specialists. We are conveniently located adjacent to the La Centerra outdoor shopping center across from Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy area of west Houston. We have convenient hours to accommodate a variety of schedules and can offer same day appointments most of the time for those with pressing needs.  


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